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DSWifi lib 0.3.3 - Connection issues / etc


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Hi all - the DS Wifi lib 0.3.3 is out now, correcting one of the biggest annoyances so far, which was connection problems with newer DS lites.


If you're still having problems with the wifi lib, first try the 0.3.3 test app at http://akkit.org/dswifi/wifi_lib_test.nds

If you can connect to your Access Point with that app, then probably whatever app you are having trouble with hasn't upgraded yet, and you should pester the author ;) Or, start a new thread and complain about it, or something. Poiint is, If the wifi lib test works for you, please don't post your problems in this thread.


If the wifi lib test doesn't work for you: there are a few reasons that this might be. I'd like to hear about if if there are problems but just saying you're having problems is -not- very useful.

What I'd like to hear is, specificly what problem you're having... What state it stops working at in the wifi test app, or how the test app behaves that you think is strange.

I also need to know what sort of Access Point you're using (model number would be good) what type of DS you're using and how recently you got it. And what homebrew device you are using to run the test app. This information is very useful for troubleshooting problems, if nothing else I can probably obtain the same hardware and test with it!

If commercial DS games don't work with the router, this is also a very important piece of information. The wifi lib should work in most cases DS games do now. I hope :)

Sometimes routers can be configured to make the DS wifi connection work, or be more stable too. In order to be able to research this though it's very important to know what type of router you're using.



That being said, there are still a few common connection problems that are known:



Using Nintendo WiFi USB stick for connection. This works for commercial games but not for the wifi lib.


Presently the wifi lib doesn't support using the wifi USB stick with it's own drivers. There are methods to convert the usb stick into a generic software Access Point, that will work with the dswifi lib. Supporting the usb stick natively is planned but not a high priority right now.

(Here's a gbadev post that details how to make the usb stick act like a generic soft-AP: Gbadev.org forum post)



Both the ds wifi lib and commercial games cannot connect to the AP


Depends on the access point. Many access points have a way to control the "base rate set", but it might not be called that. Look in the router/access point web interface for any mention of a "Base rate set" or "B/G compatibility mode" - if you have a similar option, you should set the base rate set to 1-2Mbit or the compatiblity mode to "Wireless-B" or "802.11B"

Additionally, neither commercial games nor the wifi lib currently support WPA, so if the Access Point is using WPA encryption, it must be set back to none or WEP only, for the DS to connect.



Wifi lib can't connect, stuck on ASSOCSTATUS_SEARCHING - but commercial games connect fine


the ds wifi lib doesn't yet support probe requests, as such the access point needs to be broadcasting "beacons" in order for the wifi lib to see it and be able to connect. All routers should have a setting to enable or disable sending beacons, it will probably be a checkbox called something like "Enable SSID Broadcast" or "Allow broadcast of name (SSID)" or "Send Beacons" or something of that nature. It needs to be enabled in order for the DS to see the router. Also if the router allows you to set the beacon transmit rate, it should be 1 or 2 mbit in order for the DS to be able to receive them.



(If there are other problems/solutions, they'll be added here. It's entirely likely I've missed a few)

Good luck and happy wifi-ing :)

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