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DSorganize 3.01 released


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Minor Bugfix Out

I've just posted 3.01 which is a very minor bugfix to make sure there is a stable release out there while I work on the next version.


Fixes found in 3.01


* Added select/cut/copy/paste to all text inputs.

* Added wifi config (including saving back to firmware) with three extra DSOrganize profiles.

* Added ability to bookmark on the web browser by pressing ctrl + b.

* Added basic signal strength to wifi configuration screen.

* Miscelaneous fixes to the HTML renderer.

* Fixed error in file wrapper causing bad file copies.

* Fixed a weird lingering cursor bug in text editor.

* Fixed startup screen error.

* Fixed an error where images that redirect would change the url of the main page loading.

* Fixed a bug with sites that use 1x1 tracking images.

* Fixed error where confirm delete screen on browser allowed you to select ".." or "."

* Fixed some weird bugs with m3u files.

* Fixed select few files not showing their long file names.

* Fixed everything being underlined on sites with bad tags (ds-x.com, etc)

* Fixed error messages not being readable on startup.

* Fixed wifi to be slightly faster again.

* Fixed seeking broken on some file formats.

* Fixed SSID not centered properly.

* Fixed 256x192 images not showing the bottom line.

* Day planner now supports weekly, monthly, and annual events.

* Day planner events are now partially visible on reminder mode.

* Todo now sorts finished events as last.

* Changed handling of escaped characters to include the limited unicode support.

* Changed irc to not display characters under 32 on the ascii map.

* Updated dsWifi again for compatibility.

>> Get it HERE.

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