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Xfire 1.80 released

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Release notes for 1.80 - August 27th, 2007


There is a new Xfire skin called Shadow. Try it now! This is the skin that new users will get by default.

The Xfire web site also has a new skin which goes along with the new Shadow skin.


The new Xfire In-Game interface, using a mouse, has been added to the following games and their expansions: Doom 3 Frets on Fire Quake 3 Civilization IV Dungeon Runners Eve Online

Everquest Half-Life: Source Heroes of Might and Magic V Lego Star Wars II Medieval II Total War Test Drive Unlimited Trackmania United Virtua Tennis 3 Warhammer Mark of Chaos Zoo Tycoon 2 rFactor Crazy Taxi

Ghost Recon Grand Theft Auto - Vice City Metin 2 Playboy - The Mansion


* When you select a person in the main friends list, their avatar will be shown in the infoview. You can set your avatar on the edit profile page.

* Added searching for clans and guilds on the *beta* clans and guilds page.

* Changed graphs for kill/death statistics on your profile pages to a javascript-based graph system that allows fast zooming.

* New games supported: Metin 2, Tabula Rasa Beta, Warhammer Online Beta, Avencast, 2Moons, DANCE! Online, Madden NFL 08, Shadowrun, FreeStyle Street Basketball, BioShock Demo, and Bioshock.

>> Get it HERE.

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