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PC acting Sluggish


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Well it could be one of many basic things.


I have ad aware installed and mine runs fine.

How many programmes do you have running in the corner of your screen?


I dont mena to sound like an sterotype but maybe you should try a disk defregment?


Of course is your hard drive nearly full?


And how much RAM do you have?


Thats the basic stuff all i can think of for now.

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here goes 256mb of which 150ish is available

Programs are AVG anti Virus, Mouse Driver,Zone Alarm and styleXP (all low resources)

Drive is half full (or empty if youre that type of person!) and defragged

Ive noticed that the problem is worse if there are isos or bins or movies on the drive

and just so you know its a 7200 rpm model

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Well you could be on your way for a device failure [motherboard graphics card]


It is unlikly however you dont poke sticks into it do you tash?

Or pour cans of coke in to the power vents?

If so that could be your problem :(


When your pc runs sluggish it can be many many things my freind.


From what you have told me it seems like a case of Ware and tare hell you may just need a re formatt it always livens things up.

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I got an on board AC97 i have no troubles with it.


You may have virtual memory problems but then again if you havenever messed with your virtual memory there should be no need for concern.


I cant think what it is thats making your pc act up :angry::huh:;):(

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OK its sorted couldve been 1 of 3 things

Not enough cooling (new case fan fitted)

Wrong IDE drivers - bit of a weird one installed Via bus master drivers which crashed windows (whats new!) so used system restore and it leaves the main Via Bus Master one but rolls back to old Primary and secondary IDE (it works for me).

or finally

Out of Date Via 4in1 driver - although the problem didnt exist before a couple of weeks ago.


Anyways thanks for the help, im off for some MoH

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VIA has recently released a new version of the 4-in-1 chipset drivers.

However I'd like to say something........


They really do have alot of issues with their chipsets, and are the cause of alot of users problems with their PC's.


Not every user will experience horrible times with a VIA chipset, but I'd bet money 9 out of 10 do. Especially users running 4in1 chipsets. (VIA's worst chipset ever)

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Yeah agreed my last mobo was Via so when I bought this one (with a tight budget) I thought id try a gigabyte board, Teach me to do my homework in future the gigabyte board is based on Via KT266A chipset so got screwed again.


Still these new 4in1 drivers seem a lot better.

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