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Heres an email i sent to lycos.

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Please note the boarderline irony :(





Just like to say your adverts have demolished my forum.


Free PHP And mYsql really does mean Free to you people does it not?


This is a serious email please treat it seriously.


Seeing as you broke my forum i would like very much For you to adress me with a one of your technical enginers to fix my problem.

The problem is thusly.


1.I get no post specified when i reply to a topic.


2. I can no longer acess my adminastration area Due to the tower add, it multiplies every timei click a link.

And covers the hole screen.


I am happy in the knowledge i am one of many thousands of users who use your superb free PHP database and of course we cant live with these standards on our forums so i am sure you have a fix for both of my problems like thousands of overs out there.


I look foward to your reply and wait with open arms for the superb fix that you will apply to my advertised forum, which masy i add you are advertising on my traffic.


Thankyou very much for reading i am looking foward to your reply.


Paul Emsley.



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This seriously sucks. I know a couple of free hosts and if you want I can host your board on my 2nd server. Just PM me. However with the ads thing and Lycos, they have probabally already gotten tons of complaints.

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Thankyou somebody for that link.


Game cop if i wore to take you up on your offer i would need to back up all of my data base...

Not possibile at the moment because it is such a mess.

So i may have to pull the plug on the hole place and start some were fresh and new, sure it would be a bummer and we would lose a lot of members [probablie just the rom whores]


Let me have a good think and ill get in contact with you when im ready

thanks for becoming a much needed option


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