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What really happened to DAX?


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Listen to what John Koller, head of marketing for Sony's American PlayStation Portable division, said in a recent interview with MTV...

With all these initiatives under way, it would seem Sony could benefit from all programmers with top PSP skills. Earlier this year the world's top PSP hacker, a gamer known as Dark_Alex who had repeatedly cracked the PSP firmware despite repeated upgrades, announced he was leaving the PSP scene. Had Sony shut him down? Or had Sony hired him? "Neither," Koller said. "I think he's taking a hiatus." Does Sony hire any of the PSP hackers? " It's not even a hiring thing. They come in and actively talk to us."



Does this mean something? Is Dark_Alex really gone for good? Or is this just a stupid exec running his mouth in hopes of mass publicity? :eek:

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Sony is good at being liars (Look at all the Pre-System Cg's, the hope that ps3 will succeed, and the way they pressured developers into hell plenty much).


They did something, they just don't want that small group of fan boys to go running off because they can't take it no more.

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