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Okiwi v0.2 released

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At last, after several days in which I have been one with my computer, I'm releasing the second alpha of Okiwi (version 0.2).


Okiwi at www.devkitpro.org


It allows to read files from the card (by entering addresses like file:///path, like, for example, file:///test.html) or Internet (http://...). Some pages are displayed fairly well (specially blogs, like this, which is preconfigured as the home page), while others don't work at all, so I'll have to investigate little by little what Okiwi fails to know.


By now it's able to interpret numerous CSS 2.1 properties, like margins, paddings, floating, colors, etc., altough there are several missing. Some other things not done yet are: tables, forms, cookies and images. There are also some other bugs and lacks I'm aware of.


To scroll a page, dragging with the stylus is still the only way. 75% and 150% zoom levels, which were missing in the first version, have been added. To follow a link, it's enough to "click" on it, altough it doesn't work always, and I must debug it.


The good news is that, from now on, new versions will be released with a much higher frequency. I'll release one each time I implement one of the lacking features or fix important bugs.


The installation procedure of this release is the same as the last, so I encourage the reading of the instructions I published that time. If someone has still the old version in his card, it's recommended to erase it completely before installing this one.


Well, I hope you like it and keep on there.


Remember to patch with DLDI. By default it's patched for SuperCard Lite.

Source and Downloads: Okiwi Blogspot

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