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Team Wildcard releases 3.10 OE and 3.40 OE source

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We had to release our work because of a leak done by a lame website which we wont name in order not to bring visitors there.

This work was a full 3.10 and 3.40OE reverse done by us as well as new features for a future custom firmware which was meant to be closed source.

this lame site hacked one of our account using a flaw in the maxconsole database which is far from beeing safe.

and made it look like some of our group did the job.


Beside their leak contained copyrighted files used for reverse purposes ( which we removed in our released )


We are now considering several options such as stopping our project thanks to their lame action, or even sue them for DMCA infringement.

They are a disgrace for the psp scene and if we do release anything we will make sure that they cannot host any of our future releases.


I hope that other developers ( especially M33 ) will stand with us against such a threat, now and in the future.


Thanks for your support,


The Wildcard team.



link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/a20j4n


P.S. please refer to this page rather than to the lame leak that was done if you wish to share these sources. Thanks


Team Wildcard's source code, which mathieulh informs us "The code is legit. It is a complete reverse of the OE and other stuffs." could possibly be used by PSP developers to further the Open Edition PSP custom firmware development unofficially or to create a new custom firmware using contributed code. Well folks, It looks like new custom editions (and additions) to the OE firmware might be back on the menu.


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