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PSP Custom Firmware 3.51 IE-A Released

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becus25, author of the Increasing Edition Custom Firmwares for the PSP, has come out with another expansion to 3.51 M33 title 3.51 Increasing Edition A.


This software is a expansion for the firmware 3.51 MM3.

Flash it and you will have two recovery menus.Also on it version you can uninstall it from recovery menu.Autoboot now activate again.For use this software, use the flasher and activate the autoboot option from the recovery of Dax/MM3.Then, start the PSP with start button pressed to load the Ie recovery.It contain a aditional autoboot option. For use it, activate the autoboot option from the ie recovery, then put a eboot.pbp on \psp\game\ieboot .


Needs to be installed from inside 3.51 M33. Just as with the previous 3.51 LE-A, 3.51 IE-A flashes data to the PSP NAND and can BRICK your PSP if not used properly. Be careful.






Source: becus25's blog.

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