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Ranbat 1.1 Success!

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The very first Twiggy Vision Ranking Battle was a complete success, a couple of no shows but the show went on and nearly completed itself in 1 day. Leaving day 2 and 3 filled with casual matches all around! Kaillera rankings are slowly making a come back to 1Emulation! Here are the final rankings from 1.1, also included is their character used and how many wins.


3s - Final Ranking for 1.1!:

1. Outcast.......12 pts | 8 Wins (Urien)

2. AxL.............10 pts | 5 Wins (Gouki/Dudley)

3. SyN............8 pts | 5 Wins (Ibuki/Gouki)

3. Magnis........8 pts | 4 Wins (Yun/Hugo/Alex)

4. Dmac..........6 pts | 2 Wins (Dudley/Yang)

4. SprigganX....6 pts | 2 Wins (Ken)

5. Hibachi.........4 pts | 1 Win (Ken/Hugo)

5. GameCop.....4 pts | 1 Win (Ken)

6. exzapel........2 pts | 0 Wins (Chun-Li)

6. Mooney........2 pts | 0 Wins (Ryu)


2 v 2 Third Strike


Team RIBHOUSE (Wizard/Hibachi) > Team Shoulder (SyN/Outcast)


Ranking Battle 1.2 is set to commence on July 26th, with not only 3rd Strike, but Vampire Savior 2 and King of Fighters 2002! With each game to have planned recordings to be put up on the offical 1emulation Youtube channel! Ranking Battle is open to all and see the thread for more details.



Ranbat Director


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