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PSP Custom Firmware 3.51 M33 Released

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Here it is- the first 3.51-based Custom Firmware;


Some Russian coders going by the name Team M33 have released PSP firmware CFW v3.51 M33, to the delight of PSP owners everywhere. This pretty much means more homebrew for more people.



All of the functions the v3.51 firmware have been retained in this release including PS1 support, high video resolution, MP3 visualizer, and Internet navigation. You can also expect to be able to launch official UMDS which require v3.51 firmware which is pretty good considering the sizable libraries some people have collected. For those who want more, the firmware also allows direct launching of ISOs/CSOs, homebrews, and PS1 images.


Here are some of the other features you might want to know:


* Ability to alter the CPU speed of the PSP

* Recovery mode

* Multi-region

* Customize all your icons and more


The instructions for installation are in a file called readme.en which you can open using any text-file editor. If you're doing this for the first time, please be careful since custom firmware could possibly brick your PSP, so remember to read the instructions completely and follow it to the letter. That said, enjoy the PSP firmware CFW v3.51 M33.

Source / Download


Remember M33 is new on the scene so whether you want to trust them and install this is upto you. Bear in mind, as with all flashing apps there is a real risk of BRICKING YOUR PSP when using this, so be careful.


Considering the 3.51 firmware is of a vastly different arrangement than 3.40, making this CFW was no easy task. Could the PSP scene have found itself a new Dark_AleX?

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