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Rage of the Dragons

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My mame tells me that the m1 file I have for my rom is incorrect, yet the CRC's match:


rotd : 264-m1.bin (131072 bytes) - INCORRECT LENGTH: 65536 bytes


CRC: 4dbd7b43



I do not understand. Do I have to halve this m1 or something?

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The proper length for that CRC is 131072. If they are asking for a smaller one, then they have made a mistake. You should be able to play the game and ignore that error.



but I want to play that version online.


The m1 i have appears to be from an FBA set.



They are the same size and the crc's match.


Romcenter says that the rom set is correct in it's entirety but it wont show as a playable game, though I can play it no problem.







That's what romcenter says

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