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MarcaDS 4.0 released


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Arcade emulator for the DS


Version 4.0 of the 13/07/2007


* New Design (thank you still in Lobo) and new Logo (thank you still in DayDream)

* Addition of its SN76496 and AY-8910, many plays have the sound now.

* Solomon' S key does not have any more Pb of background.

* Addition of Video Hustler, The Billiards, DigDug (2 sets), Hexa, Bank Panic grass.

* Galaga (and clones) become playable.

* Pinball Action becomes playable.

* Pb of background in Phoenix (and clones) are solved.

* In the same way how Pb of background in 1942!

* Addition of compressed the Zip support.

* Addition of the check of the CRC of the files to avoid the pbs compatibility.

* Addition of the management of the high scores.

* SELECT to add corners to the place of A (A becomes the principal shooting).

* More mode “Player 2”.

* More clones (less plays but that originals;)).

* Mario becomes Masao to have the sound.

* Ms Pacman becomes ms Pacman (bootleg) and the file zip mspacmab.zip.

* Piranha becomes Piranha (hack) and the file zip piranhah.zip.

* Jr Pacman becomes playable.

* Pb of shooting in solved Arkanoid.

* Use of EFSLIB, thank you Noda;).

>> Get it HERE (bottom of page).

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Sweet... this means we'll see a new DSMasterPlus (one of my favorites) from Portabledev soon. They always seem to update all their emulators around the same time. Hopefully, we'll see support for zips in the new DSMasterPlus as well. Their emulators keep getting better and better.

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