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Xfire 1.78 released

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Release notes for 1.78 - July 12th, 2007


Revamped Xfire to work better on Windows Vista (because of UAC). On Vista:


* Most Xfire files are now placed in c:\programdata\xfire\.

* Xfire itself runs non-elevated for this one release.

* Xfire In-Game now works with most games that do not themselves run elevated.

* If set to run on system startup, Xfire now properly launches on startup.

* Multiple Windows users can use Xfire on the same machine successfully.

* See games disabled on Vista for more game details.


- The infoview of your friends will show their screenshots when they are in a game.

- Fixed several relatively uncommon crashes with Xfire In-Game and Call of Duty 2.

- Lots of bug fixes and improvements to the new Xfire In-Game interface, currently only enabled in the Dawn of War games, including scroll wheel support, page up/page down support, and much more.

- New games supported: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Harry Potter - Quidditch World Cup (I can't wait for book 7!), Sword of the Stars - Born of Blood, Audition, DiRT, Tremulous, Enemy Territory - QUAKE Wars Beta, The Sims 2 H&M Fashion Stuff, The Sims Pet Stories, Overlord, Monster Madness - Battle for Suburbia, Lost Planet Extreme Condition.

Changelog / Download

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