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Flash carters assemble!


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Who here owns a flash cart for their Nintendo DS? What kind of flash carts do you possess? What size/brand microSDs do you have? What kind of Nintendo DS do you have? What games do you actually own? Any other neato accessories for your beloved DS?


I've got a black onyx Nintendo DS Lite with a R4DS (slot-1) and 2 1GB microSD cards. The microSD cards are SanDisk and Kingston. I actually own Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin and the Nintendo DS Browser (which I purchased for the RAM). I also own the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector and this protector from Hori.

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what do you mean you purchased for the RAM, is there extra system memory in the cart so it can run?

It comes with a slot-2 device (the GBA slot) that provides the DS with extra RAM (for use with the Browser, Linux, and other things).

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I've got the Silver DS Phat (1.4 firmware/flashme v8a - no autoboot), R4DS, SanDisk 2GB (Formatted Fat16 w/64k sectors [seems to fix POR problems ^^]), and a silver stylus I bought from Gamestop for a few dollars.


As for actual games...

Animal Crossing Wild World (Love AC) [two copies, actually]

New Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario 64


Wario Ware

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onyx ds lite, m3 simply with a broken spring, a 1 GB kingston micro sd card and a 256 MB card i often use that came free with my phone. i actually own mario kart ds, new super mario bros, nintendo ds browser (the extra ram was appealing) metroid prime hunters super mario 64 ds, and sonic rush (i only have them because i didn't know about any working slot one devices at the time - and i like to have originals of good games :)


i also have one badly chewed stylus and another one that lieks to scratch my screen

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I have an original model DS (still with original version 1 firmware) with an R4DS and both Kingston and SanDisk 1GB microSD cards.


My original game list incudes:

Sonic Rush

Super Mario DS

Pokemon Dash

Spider-Man 2

Ultimate Spider-Man

Final Fantasy III

Mario Kart DS


I managed to loose one of my original Stylus' so I'm now using the second one that I had stored in my Super Mario 64 DS. I might find it again if I ever clean my room though but for now...

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White DS Lite (Original firmware - European DS Lite), R4 DS, 2GB Sandisk microSD, EZ-Flash 3-in-1.


As for my official games:


Tony Hawk's American Sk8land

Mario Kart DS

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

Metroid Prime: Hunters

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