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PSP Custom Firmware 3.40 Lite Edition - A

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Test30 has made his debut in the PSP scene with the release of a 3.40-based custom firmware - 3.40 LE-A, or 'Lite Edition'. It can flash some UI elements internally.


The Custom Firmware Lite Edition - A


this Custom FW is updated from an OE (first they have to install

the FW 3.40 OE)




*Can flasher rco and font

*Can Activate and Deactivate the Network Update

*Can use 2 recovery the Recovery LE and OE




*First need the FW 3.40 OE-A

*Later copy the Folder 340leflasher and paste in GAME150

*Initiates the Installation

*and Done!! now this one in CFW 3.40 LE-A!!!

*The folder to Homebrew is GAMELE5

*To flasher the rco and font the path is: ms0:PSP/SYSTEM/LEFLASHER/HERE




*Copy the Folder LEuninstaller and paste in folder GAMELE5

*Initiates the Aplication

*Done now again in FW 3.40 OE-A


In my next updated of this CFW go add more feature principally that of USB

in Flash0,1,2,3.But first I need the code.lol


NOTE:The Installation Write in Flash0 and Flash1.it is recommended

to have the battery to more of 50 % in the PSP.


NOTE2:The CFW was proven in a PSP without badge.But Work in PSP TA-082 and



Download it here.


There are two things you should note with this. First it is only based on 3.40. Anyone using 3.40 OE-A would gain little but the ability to flash RCOs with this CFW- UMD game compatibility would not be any greater. It also has to be installed from 3.40 OE-A anyway.


The second is that I have no idea who the hell Test30 is but at least this is a move in the right direction. becus, the other big alternative CFW maker is only up to 3.03 with his IE / Increasing Edition series, so we might be seeing 3.51 from our new friend Test30 in not too long.


Or not. I haven't ventured to trying this, but a new CFW in the scene can't be a bad thing. Bear in mind the author's relatively unknown status before you think about installing this though. As with any custom firmware, there is the risk of BRICKING YOUR PSP, so make sure you consider that first.



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I'm not too sure I'd trust this, either... No offense to Test30, but from the quoted description, he doesn't sound like the kind of person I'd trust my PSP with. Again, no offense meant.

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