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Florida makes Jack Thompson take psych test

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An official of the Florida Bar proposed late last week that controversial Miami attorney Jack Thompson submit to psychological testing and accept a 91-day suspension of his law license, according to an e-mail GamePolitics received from Thompson himself.


The claim has not been verified by the Florida Bar, which did not respond to our request for comment.


As GP has previously reported, Thompson is currently embroiled in a pair of federal lawsuits against the Bar (see Florida Bar Gives Jack Thompson a Wedgie Over Bully Case). The Bar has moved to hold a disciplinary hearing against Thompson based on several complaints about the anti-game attorney’s professional conduct, including video game cases involving Grand Theft Auto and Bully. A scheduled June 25th hearing was postponed. Meanwhile, mediation talks have taken place between Thompson and the Bar.


On Sunday Thompson cc’d GP an e-mail of what appears to be a filing with the Florida Supreme Court, which has jurisdiction over Bar disciplinary matters. In it Thompson writes of an ongoing attempt to mediate the dispute:


Mediation failed today because there was no mediation whatsoever… [Florida Bar official] Ms. Tuma not only did not move off her [suspension] demand one iota, not one smidgeon, but she instead upped her demand by requiring that Thompson undergo a battery of psychological tests as part of the fabulous deal The Bar offered him…


Ms. Tuma [sic] last demand going into the mediation was a 91-day suspension, and she opened and ended with that and a shrink’s couch. This is bad faith…


This “mediation” was a charade… Finally, [Thompson] requests a status conference herein as soon as possible so that we can… shut this Star Chamber down. Thompson is not the one who needs a psych evaluation.


This would not be Thompson’s first brush with Bar-ordered psych testing. As he writes in his 2005 book, Out of Harm’s Way, in the early 90’s the Bar compelled him to undergo such an examination. Thompson reports that he passed and subsequently sued the Bar, settling for $20,000 in monetary damages.


GamePolitics readers can view the Florida Bar complaints related to Thompson’s GTA case and Bully case.



I think it's about time we found out if he's really crazy.

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