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pokemon ruby/sapphire

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just 4 u 2 know ... how 2 catch the regi-s

1.bring pokemonn that can du DIG, SURF, DIVE, relicanth and wailord (wailmer lv 40)

relicanth can b found under the sea of sootopolis

if u dont want to waste your TM28 DIG, you can train nincada 2 lvl 45 and learn that move :)

2.from pacifidolg surf left and just follow the current at the bottom side. u should c a clear water without current then. you can catch horsea there and get the dragon scale to evo the seadra to kingdra with link cable. from that spot, stand on the left center side of that land and go with the flow again. just follow a few curent and you should see a dive spot. if you failed to reach it just do it again until you reach it

3.dive, follow the way, see the brailecode that means = GO UP HERE. just use dive again/ press B buton


1st room (the others are worthless)= USE DIG HERE --> jjust use DIG

2nd room (the others are worthless) = FIRST COME RELICANTH, LAST COME WAILORD --> put relicanth on the first order of your party and wailord last. you should hear an earthquake. now get outta here. use dig to save time

5.DESERT RUINS = bring pokemon with strength move. from this point, you don't have to bring your relicanth and wailord again

desert route 111, to the bottom of it and enter the cave.


follow the code and there shall open a new entrance.

SAVE!, talk to the REGIROCK and try to catch it!!! it not as hard as kyogre groudon.. but it still needs luck

for future reason, I always catch any pokemon with ordinary Pokéball. I feel so lucky when catching this pokemon, because it only needs 5 pokéballs without harming the regirock. I have my 200 hoenn pokemon complete on gameboy advance (I have 2 GBAs and 2 disc one contain ruby n sapphire and another contain sapphire.


North-West of Dewford Town, Navigate your way through the maze of small islands and you should find the island cave.

Braille code : STOP AND WAIT. WAIT FOR TIME TO PASS TWICE. after you read it, stand still and dont push anything for about 90 sec. and good luck! catch the regice.

7.ANCIENT RUIN <-- i'm not really sure bout this name :P and bring pokemon with move fly

Route 120 (near Lilycove). the ancient ruin is a few levels up and through a patch of grass.


go to he middle of the room and use fly. happy catching registeel!!


regirock has extremly high defense and high attack

regice has extremely high sp.def and high sp.attack

registeel has both stat high but not as high as regirock defense or ice sp.def.


the sad part: i met trainer with 3 regi in battle tower and they are REALLY REALLY ANNOYING. 1 beat those 2 and lose on the registeel :D

Pokémon : gotta catch them all™

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yes it is! it's easy. but, it's not easy to complete he pokédex...

I completed my 200 hoenn pokemon and ot took more than 200 hours of playing!!!

It's sure good that my friend gave me a Latias. that's the last pokemon I need to complete 200 hoenn pokemon.

However, i have 'some' kanto n johto pokemon in my ruby game

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Yea i got all those, but with the cheats. I played through the game without cheats, and i caught all the legendary pokemon without the cheats too, but then the game got kinda boring and i wanted to spice it up, so i got action replay. i wanted all eevee forms, all tyrougues evolutions, all the old pokemon, unlimited masterballs etc.


but no rare candies. those are the worst

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somebody know how to get jirachi n deoxys with no-cheat in ruby/ sapphire/ emereald pleaseeee...

I need it. for completion

and how do we get miltank, gligar, etc. in leaf green? always without cheat when I post

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do you ever won the grand prize of lilycove department store? (masterball)

I did once :clapping: with my friend's pokemon ID 45454 <-- lucky number

I won several PP UP

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Guess what

1.if kyogre, groudon, and tyrnitar are on a same battle (of course double) what will the weather b?

2.why don't they make pokemon that can do ENDURE & EXPLOSION ???? no,no, no metronome

3.why they don't make move that raise accuracy ?

4.why glalie, magnemite/ton can hit by EARTHQUAKE?? they fly

5.Why can't we make pokémon goes leveldown/cancel evolution?

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Pokémaster must be can answer these without playing the game to look

1.MOSDEEP's slogant?

2.Abandoned ship (near dewford)'s name?

3.Lanette's friend that live in KANTO

4.what type that has the less move?

5.what pokemon (must at max stage of evolution) that can't kill shedinja even with TM?


post here to answer

A pokémaster sure can answer these (yes, cheaters are pokémaster) :clapping:

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wow bud... post enough?


i never bother completing the pokedex waste of time in my books.... just get to the elite four pound on them do whatever is after and blam shut it off put it away for ages

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