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Weird DSWiFi connection Problem (and a partial solution)


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Finally the changes are putted in the official version!!!

Now wait the autors recompile their apps :P____


Thanks you all!!!


Erm... SgStair, if what Magin said is true, could you please change the version number?


Unless the release is official... I don't think too many people may download the newer version.


Example: DSLiveweather was just recompiled and released, but it doesn't work on my new DSLite.


Plus In the past few weeks nobody has bothered to recompile their apps with a working version.


So could you please include this fix in a newer version number release soon? Maybe v0.3.2 or something?




I made an executable patch based on my post with CodeFusion 3.0.

Here's the link.




Attention: Do not apply this patch if you don't have any problem.


Link doesn't work, could you fix please?

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