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  1. I get a white screen when trying to load the .nds file (im using ninjapass X9 ) Surelly a bad download, it hapends to mi on any .nds file directly downloaded from the web. Maybe some program modifies it to put their ads or something like that. It will be better if Sgstair upload it in a zip.
  2. Finally the changes are putted in the official version!!! Now wait the autors recompile their apps ____ Thanks you all!!!
  3. I made a post with the solution here: http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php...21976&st=11 I hope they put it soon in the oficial version
  4. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL I finally hunted down the BUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in the function: void Wifi_WakeUp() { u32 i; WIFI_REG(0x8036)=0; for(i=0;i<100000;i++) i++; WIFI_REG(0x8168)=0; i=Wifi_BBRead(1); Wifi_BBWrite(1,i&0x7f); Wifi_BBWrite(1,i); for(i=0;i<400000;i++) i++; Wifi_RFInit(); } must change the u32 i to volatile u32 i so it remains void Wifi_WakeUp() { volatile u32 i; WIFI_REG(0x8036)=0; for(i=0;i<100000;i++) i++; WIFI_REG(0x8168)=0; i=Wifi_BBRead(1); Wifi_BBWrite(1,i&0x7f); Wifi_BBWrite(1,i); for(i=0;i<400000;i++) i++; Wifi_RFInit(); } Explanation: being smart as is the compiler it has tought that the "for" only maked the i value 100000 and 400000 so it simplified it to a asignation, making it to not wait the time expected here to init the hardware. The volatile makes no optimize the fors. Surelly old DS comes with Wifi kinda activated on power on and the news ones not, and because of it no one noticed until now. Please lokicat and moncul test the changes and post here the results Now we have to make the change on the ofical wifi_lib and wait for the autors recompile their aps P.D.: If they put this change in the source, dont forget to put a litlle credit for me
  5. There are more people with the same problem as i see in the lasts topics. Surelly a part of wifi_lib never worked and no one noticed because the older DS has already the correct sets by default and the very new ones does not have them correct. For much i look in the code i dont see anything suspicious, sgstair has do a awesome job and all registers are defined volatile as they must be, so find what is bad optimised will be very hard...
  6. according to margin, you have to use devitpro r17 to make ds lite to connect to wifi acess points anyway.... goodluck Its not quite easy but i will try to explain: Grab the latest dswifi_lib source from sourceforge: http://sourceforge.net/project/downloading...z2&10096523 In the ARM7 folder open the makefile in the notepad and change in the line CFLAGS := -g -Wall -O2\ the -O2 to a -O0 Compile the entire Dswifi (any version of devkitPro will work so use the latest) and you will get 4 files in the "lib" folder (libdswifi7.a libdswifi7d.a libdswifi9.a libdswifi9d.a) copy them in the C:\devkitPro\libnds\lib folder (or where you installed devkitpro). Now you must recompile any homebrew you want and have source code, and if you are lucky and recompiles without errors, enjoy the working tricky version!!! All this is a tricky and not very good solution, we are shearching a true solution to be included in the oficial wifi_lib and hopefully all autours will recompile theirs apps with the new version. Sorry to no explain better but im not a native english speaker and its a pain to write something so long... Note: im not sure if DSFTP will work good because it includes a already compiled version of wifilib inside.
  7. I use a NinjaDS Stick version tested with bios 1.03 and 1.05 and SD speeds 1, 2, 3 About the -O0 trick note that the R17 (gcc 4.1.0) version compiles without problems and the laters (gcc 4.1.1) needs the -O0 so must be something about the news optimitations of this version. If you wish you can write a little app to show the registers and i will execute and copy the results, to look what registers are wrong set or something, for my is too hard to program it at my level XDD Very much thanks for the annoyance!!
  8. Tested: No AP found as always, no packet received. Better if lokicat test it too. Thanks for taking a look at it anyways!!!
  9. Yes i mean Wifi_Intr_RxEnd, the E is the key that is at the side of R and i misstyped it XDDD Im absolutelly noob on the DS wardware too, i found this only by pure luck, testing apps i found that an older version of wifi_test works (0.2a i think was) and recompiling it didnt work because i was using DevkitproR20, so after digging a bit i found the correct versions the make it work, and etc.. There are others homebrew that i tested later and works without recompile: DSorganize (its compiled with R17 version) DsLinux (they use they own version of dswifi, and can be they corrected something) wifi_test0.2b or older taken from the page of the autor So if anyone cant conect with other programs and can with these, you have the same problem. Please add more homebrew if you found it! Edit: To test the the functions in the arm7 code i copy some variables i want to a region in shared memory and modify the arm9 wifi_test app to print out these values. I used some ints for the counts and a small char[64] to look what is doing. You can put more things if you use the FIFO queue properlly but i didnt want to interfere in the wifi_lib work.
  10. Hi! I have a problem with the DSWiFi, i will post here the data to see if some DSWiFi code guru can see a total solution. Hardware: DS Lite (new), with NinjaDS Stick. Problem: All homebrew programs fails at connecting keeping in shearching AP forever, all Oficial Nintendo DS games work well. Tested with all combinations posible (WEP,DCHP,Etc.) After doing a bit of research in the source of the DSWiFi (all versions included the latest 0.3c) i found that it nevers receives data, to be exact enters in the function Wifi_Intr_ExEnd but never enters in the while, so i tought that the hardware is not correctly initialized, but after doing more research casually found a partial solution: Partial Solution Compiling the DSWifi lib in the R17 version of DevkitPro works!!! Compiling it with the /O0 (no optimize) of any Devkitpro version also works!!! So i think is a problem with the new optimitations of GCC 4.1.1 (r18 +) that must do someting bad at initializing the hardware, optimizing part of the code that must not be optimized or making it too fast for Ds hardware accept it well. With recompiling the lib and the homebrew programs works somewhat well but i still have sometimes problems with accept and recv, and the worse of all... i dont have the source code of all homebrew programs (BeUp ) My DsWifi and Ds hardware knowdeledge are not enought to solve this problem so please if someone have the same problem please comment!.
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