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mmm, gun games (hotd, Vcop, etc)

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I tryied with Key2mouse but ... Seems japanese to me.

and btw thats not freeware.


so, anyone know any program like Xpadder (a great program to bind keys/mouse on GamePad, with Force Feedback and dead zones) But for mouses?


I wanna shot with my mice !!!


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Joy2Key supports mouse emulation, Google for it as the homepage listed in the Readme doesn't exist anymore.


I triyed; but it does the same than Xpadder (without force feedback btw)


these programs are to bind mouse or keys to joy.


i want to bind keyboard in mouse

(so when i move the mouse, it does type j j k l i j k l l)


Key2mouse says it does, but i don´t understand how.


maybe any prog to do macros with the mouse...

thanks, gonna see




update: Aldo´s tool "Mousejoy" does bind joystick in mouse. (you can move joystick with mouse)

to bad with xpadder or key2joy it does nothing.

seems to work only in programs with real joy support.

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