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My 200th Post

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Since Disoblige took a vacation, and there hasnt been any worthwhile posts up lately,.I thought id make this milestone post at the same time while also posting a very intesting story i found on shortnews.com



Man Commits Suicide After Girlfriend Dumps Him - For Himself


20 year old Huang Tzu-heng wanted to test the depths of his girlfriend's love, so he decided to make up an online alter-ego and see if she would cheat on him... with himself.


Sure enough, the girlfriend, Hsiao Lao, started dating the man she knew only as "Mr J" online, causing Huang to become upset because she kept secrets from him.   


The final straw came when Hsiao Lao told Huang that she had fallen in love with Mr J, and wanted to leave Huang. Huang committed suicide, burning charcoal in his room. He left behind two suicide notes. 


.... I really think we need Disoblige back

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