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devkitARM release 20 Released

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This long awaited toolchain update brings the much requested directory functions to libfat.

devkitARM release 20 has been updated with newlib 1.15.0 and the completed stdio patches for directory related functions. Example code will be added to the nds examples later.


Cearn's Gameboy Image Transmogrifier joins the tools available in the devkit. This image processing tool should provide you with a simpler way to add graphics to your projects. Again sample projects will be added to the nds and gba examples over the next few days.


Chishm's dlditool is now included as well as the dldi linkscript for added convenience. A dldi template is available in the examples.


The included makefile rulesets have been reordered so that .itcm/.iwram/.arm.c/cpp files should work as intended.


dswifi 0.3d now uses closesocket rather than close for sockets. The old function was overriding an important function of the same name in newlib and interfering with some aspects of stdio. The hitherto unannounced 0.3c brought support for newer wifi hardware in recent DS units as well as some bugfixes related to UDP.


The latest libfat merely enables the long awaited directory related functions, devkitARM release 20 is a requirement for this build.

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