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PAlib 1/18/07 beta

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New Stuff



[RotMaps] Added PA_SetRotMapTile(u8 screen, u8 bg_select, s16 x, s16 y, u8 tile_number) and PA_GetRotMapTile(u8 screen, u8 bg_select, s16 x, s16 y), using gmiller's code...


[CustomFonts] Added PA_16cCustomFont(slot, fontname) and PA_8bitCustomFont(slot, fontname) and the examples to go with it... Wiki will be updated soon with the instructions. Requires the latest PAGfx version... PAGfx has been updated too, to do the conversion...


[DSMotion] Official DSMotion code added !!! Check the Input examples to see how it works (init/getting the data). Has 2 different ways of playing with it : either get the raw values and use that, or transform the data into Pad.Held.Up/etc data


[DSMotion] Added MotionDraw, a simple demo...


[Keyboard] Added PA_InitCustomKeyboard(bg_number, keyb_custom) to load custom keyboards (use instead of PA_InitKeyboard), and the example to go with it... Custom keyboards are 256 colors and should be converted as EasyBg...



Updated Stuff



[Gif] Added PA_LoadGifXY, to load gifs to a specific part of the screen . Updated the gif examples to work with it...


[GetSpritePixel] Added PA_GetSprite16cPixel, for 16 color sprites, and an example to go with it...


[Makefile] Makefiles updated, please copy one of the example/template makefiles and paste in your project. Includes the sound padding correction and includes the libwifi



Things Fixed



[Warnings] Fixed the FD_SETSIZE warnings


[TextColors] TEXT_BLUE and TEXT_GREEN were inverted


[Reco] Fixed upper screen mess-up when using the recognition system


[spriteAnims] Fixed first frame not showing when starting a new animation...

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