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MythRemote for DS v0.1.1

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What is it?


A network remote control for MythTV frontends. Be sure you look at the readme for install instructions.


Button mapping:


DPAD - Navigation

A - Select

B - Back

X - Vol +

Y - Vol -




Automatic LCD backlight off.

Three pages of touchscreen buttons.

Network update (upload a new .nds using netcat)

Support for latest DSLite wifi hardware (using DSWiFi CVS)

Return to menu (libCartReset)

Three Frontend IP Configurations (configurable at runtime)


Future plans:


LCD backlight fade

Customizable touchscreen panels & button mapping

Autoconnect (Connect to Frontend 1 at startup)

Skinnable GUI

MythTV Status Polling

Automatic sleep & poweroff

Automatic updates (off by default)

Source / Download

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