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VSH Rebooter PRX v0.2

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VSH Rebooter PRX

v0.2 by MaTiAz


What's new:

- Included an easy installer, which can install the PRX to Network Update or Location Free TV (or both if you like).

Read the notes about the installer though.

- The Reboot PRX can now shut down the PSP too, hold L while selecting Network Update -> shutdown


Installer notes:

- The installer can backup and flash your topmenu_plugin.rco and update_plugin.prx. It can also flash the lftv_plugin.prx

but it won't back it up, as the Rebooter PRX is designed for FW 3.03OE (it will work with 2.71SE too though) which has the

lftv_plugin.prx removed. And thanks to AZeyC for finding out what PRX is responsible for the location free tv button in the

XMB :devilboy:

- The installer copies the update_plugin.prx and/or lftv_plugin.prx from the /PSP/GAME/rbprxinst. Do not change the directory name.

- Backups of update_plugin.prx and topmenu_plugin.rco are copied to /psp/game/rbprxinst/original. Don't lose this folder, otherwise you

have to get the files somewhere else.

- Installer doesn't check if there is enough space for the update_plugin.prx. The Rebooter PRX is only 2,5 KB and it removes the old

prx before flashing so it assumes there is enough space for it, but be sure that there is enough space if you try to flash another

PRX as the update_plugin.prx.

- To restore your topmenu_plugin.rco and update_plugin.prx, move the files from rbprxinst/original/ to rbprxinst/ overwriting the

included files. Then flash the files using the installer.

- It's noobproof if you use ONLY the files included in the package, but in most cases it wont **** up your flash if you don't try to flash

anything too big or use a corrupted/otherwise f'ed up topmenu_plugin.rco.

- The installer doesn't check if the PRX's or topmenu_plugin.rco exist, SO MAKE SURE THEY'RE IN THE SAME FOLDER AS THE EBOOT BEFORE INSTALLING,

because the installer removes the old prx in flash before flashing the new one.

- I recommend connecting the PSP to a wall adapter, just to avoid problems. The process takes just a few seconds though, but just to be sure :P



- Copy the rbprxinst folder to /psp/game/ like you would with any other homebrew (GAME, not GAME150 or GAME302)

- Launch the Reboot PRX Installer

- If you don't know what to do after these steps, you should NOT be using this or trying to install this.

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