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Metal Slug Anthology


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Well now with a January 9th release (assuming it does get released then), Metal Slug Anthology has suffered 9 delays. No joke. However, Ive been reading reviews and reactions to the recently released Wii version... and it was quite interesting. The Wii version of Metal Slug Anthology blows. Firstly the controls; not being able to use the Classic Controller; not being able to use the Gamcube Controller's D-pad; and not being able to map grenades to any button. It sucks, but there is more that is less unique to the Wii.


There are numerous emulation problems that have been discussed on the Gamespot and IGN boards-



Hitflashes (MS1,MS3,MS6)- Some enemies flash sometimes, othertimes they dont. In the arcade originals, bosses and enemies obvious flash each time they are hit. In MS6 apparently hardly anything flashes at all.


Sound Distortion (MS6)- Metal Slug 6 suffers from missing sound effects and sound affects that are apparently lower quality than the arcade and original Jap PS2 port.


Trigger Bugs (All)- All games seem to suffer from screen clearing trigger problems... ie. you kill everything on the screen but dont get that 'GO >' logo and progress further.


Coin Troubles (All)- If you limit the number of credits you have, you cannot save you record without starting a new game to avoid 'insert[ing] coin'. Incidentally if you start a new game the records are lost.



These bugs, as well as the poor reviews the game has recieved for its controls AND lack of supporting content despite its '10th anniversary' subtitle, I hope, have reached Ignition or SNK (whoever is actually publishing this) and have caused them to put back the releases of the PSP and possibly the PS2 versions in order to fix the problems. If we do end up getting better ports than the Wii then I will take back all the delay-slandering Ive posted here and elsewhere.


So the delay could be a good thing. Other threads have talked about bug fixing and slowdown but I havent seen a list of problems yet. Anyone have anything else to add?

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Ouch. this was completely new to me (then again, I hardly keep track of what SNK/Ignition is doing these days). I really hope that they fix these issues beacuse they seem quite crippling as far as the play experience is concerned. "Arcade perfect" seems to be what the fans want, with bonus content.

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