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Need a suggestion


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Should I build a new PC now? or should I wait until quad core?

If I should wait, any ideas on the pricing of the quad cores?


Of course I have chosen to build a AMD based system.

Athlon 4200+ x2 thats the CPU I am wanting ATM.


But I saw the Intel 2 duo beat out practically all the AMD chips, even the cheapest one!

Should I really go to Intel? or stay with AMD?


or should I not build at all?!


The budget of the CPU is around $200. Ohh what shalt thy do!?


Sorry. I havent been up to date with CPUs as of lately.



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Dont bother with Quad-Core yet unless your going to be doing alot of audio/video encoding, benchmarks have shown it helps next to none with games


when games support it, yeah it will help alot more, but its probably not worth getting just yet, Dual-Core tech isnt going away anytime soon.

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Yeah, don't wait for quad. You can get a good dual core AMD for less then $200 anyway. I'd say go for AMD, but I've always been an AMD/ATI fan. :) But, I do have experience with that CPU, as it is the one I am currently using, and I am quite happy with it. :devilboy:

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I've always stuck with Intel, but since AMD hit the 64bit era, I've found their CPUs are much better than they used to be and better than Intel's.

Even if Intel has a horsepower edge right now, their CPUs still consume more power and run WAY (And I mean WAYYYYY, you can fry a f**king egg on em) hotter. That and they're more expensive.

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Sounds like I'll stay with AMD! Thanks guys!


Cinder: Hmmm I'm considering the Intel since I would like to fry some eggs at my desk :rolleyes:


One thing, your guy's opinion. Has ATI lost the Graphics card war? I see SLI everywhere and nVidia northbridges 30x more than a Crossfire based board. What do you guys think?

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