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Xfire 1.66 released

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* Xfire is free, small, and easy to install

* Keep track of when and where your friends are playing PC games, and join them with one click

* IM your friends from within games while you play

* Fast file download system with special game channels

* Powerful server browser

* Profile-based stats tracking.

* Voice chat


Release notes for 1.66 - November 30th, 2006


* Added some basic protection against receiving too many messages (IM spam).

* Added Xfire In-Game support to all of the 18 Wheels of Steel games we support and Sim City 4.

* Fixed a priority issue causing voice chat to be corrupted in CPU-intensive games.

* Fixed a problem causing wasted CPU time after logging off/on without exiting Xfire.

* Fixed a problem on Windows 98 that caused skin drawing corruption.

* Improved the display of game statistics for Quake 3 and Jedi Academy on profile pages.

* Changed instant messages to go directly between the two Xfire applications (instead of through the servers) when possible.

* Fixed the voice chat button on certain older skins (including Combat, Dodge Caliber, Grandma's Boy, and Stream Engine).

* Fixed problem with blocked users not always being blocked from all communication with you.

* Worked around bad applications that install old versions of PSAPI.DLL in incorrect directories; the bad applications would cause Xfire to crash if you have IE 7 installed.

* Improved application behavior when there is no available disk space.

* Added support for EA Downloader versions of many games.

* New games supported: Neverwinter Nights 2, Need for Speed Carbon, Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Need for Speed Carbon Demo, Pro Evolution Soccer 6, Football Manager 2007, Championship Manager 2007, Splinter Cell Double Agent Single Player, Splinter Cell Double Agent Multiplayer, SkillGround.com, 1701 A.D, Medieval II Total War, Panzer Command, Warhammer Mark of Chaos, Heroes of Might and Magic V - Hammers of Fate, Falcon 4.0 Allied Force, The Settlers II - 10th Anniversary, and Reservoir Dogs.

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