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Dark_AleX's 2.71 SE-C Released!


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Dark Alex has done it once again, releasing his 2.71 custom firmware revision C. Here is the change log for this latest revision:


- Load of plugins from the ms

- Changes in the HEN core:


* Fixed a bug in the loading of big user prx’s, that affected a plain prx of socom2 umd, and some

homebrew prx’s.


* Bypassed a crappy $ce protection that prevented the umd to be mounted if the application was run from

the memory stick


* Usb mass storage couldn’t be loaded by homebrews in non-devhook version because semawm.prx is sign checked.

HEN now applies the algorithm to reverse the sign check, letting this and the rest of firmware

modules to be loaded by a homebrew.


- Added a SDK for SE-C/HEN-D. (in a separate download)


there isn’t much different for for a fresh install. If you are upgrading here is the important tidbit from the readme:


SE-C can only be installed in a full install


If you are in a previous version of SE, simply copy the seupdmake, seupdmaker%, 271seflasher and 271seflasher% folders to

/PSP/GAME150 and follow the same instructions than when installing from 1.50.


You click here to grab SE-C from our psp downloads area.


I've heard this may not be worth the upgrade from SE-B", but I'll probably get it anyway. Thoughts?

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this is my first time with the firmware and so far it's doing me good. although i do miss devhook and this is because, i don't understand and don't have enough info on it yet.( i know it will work on my firmware but I want to get more info before I try it. like whats the devhook re-flasher folder for?) i like everything so far athough never having SE-B to compare it too prob doesn’t help answer your question. but it seems he's pushing the modules. i think that’s where it'll get really interesting. sucks about the lamers messing with his name. though. i just checked his site and he seems really down. if your reading this Dark Alex keep up the good work man f the lamers briking psp. it's just plain dirty.

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I do what I can. :banghead: Anyway, I think the installer actually installs something wrong. It puts the update folders under PSP\Game, when they really should be under PSP\GAME150 (For current SE users, that is. It installs correctly for 1.50 users.) It didn't work for me until I moved them.

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