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You need some information about your motherboard before you get in the market for a new graphics card. You need to know if you should get a PCI, AGP, or PCI Express card and whether or not your power supply will give it enough power.

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AGP Slot (May have a little clip on the end that the one in the pic doesnt have, may not, or even a separate bracket)




PCI Express Slot (also might have a clip/something on the end, ive never seen a separate bracket for PCI-E though)




and heres what the cards look like (video cards...bottoms..with plugs...obviously lol) top one is AGP, bottom is PCI Express



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Most motherboards with onboard video do not supply an AGP slot (As the AGP bus is directly linked to the onboard video). He'd have to go with PCI in that case.

I know everyone doesn't have money to burn, but in the case you'd be stuck with a PCI card, I'd suggest replacing the motherboard with one that doesn't have onboard AGP video (As the cheapest method versus buying/building a whole new PC), buying an AGP card and selling off the old mobo.

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true, there are some that have the agp slot still though


my friend was recently in a situation where he had onboard, and no agp slot, and was stuck with PCI graphics, he was real broke, but he got the Radeon 9250 256MB which i beleive is the best PCI graphics card, and i well... he can play wow :/ but thats really all he plays

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