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The Wii Vs. PlayStation 3


Wii Vs. Playstation 3  

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I could extrapolate from those results that the PS3 has successfully scared the sh!t out of everyone with its price- same with the PSP.


Thus most are settling for substandard products - Wii and DS - mostly because of the price points. The sentiment everywhere is 'let's get a Wii now coz' its cheap and we can get a few laughs out of its gimmix, and then in a while, when the price drops, get a PS3'.


Until today, I would have vehemently argued the $400AUD youd pay for a Wii is still worse value considering what you are getting than the $999AUD for a PS3. But now, honestly, flock Sony. How can you change the specifications of a machine so close to its release AND AFTER IT HAS ALREADY SHIPPED with a superior specification elsewhere. And how can you still justify the cost? Until recently the machine has been quoted to be 'fully compatible with the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 libraries'. Now they say they actually are focusing instead on PS3 titles.


Does anyone else remember back when the 360 had its BC problems, Sony was quick to advertise that the PS3 would be different in that regard? Oath.






Anyway, back on topic, those are Jap figures. I now reckon if youre gonna shell out $400AUD for a Wii, you might as well spend the extra $150-$200 and get a 360. Seems to be the best value on the market atm. Here in Australia at least- not sure how the prices match up elsewhere.


Sorry, just a bit of a pissed off rant there.

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I agree that the 360 right now is the best bang for you buck. Nintendo and it's parties aren't pumping out the games we want yet. On the other side, you got people buying VC. I'm amazed at how many people haven't played Ocarina of Time. Plus SNK is on board with VC, so any moment and we might see KOF on VC. So is Spike (guys that made Fire Pro games), so theres a chance everyone might see a release of Fire Pro Wrestling games :huh:, best wrestling games ever made.

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lol n000bs


Reaper man attacked Guest3 with a Pimp Slap (1 str) and took off 30!

Guest3 has 0 HP left!

Guest3 is now dead, therefore cannot counterattack!!!!

You gain 1 frag(s) (0 stolen).

You gain: 1 EXP points!!!!

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