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Donnie Darko

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Yeah it is one of my favourite movies too. I didn't really notice all the little things until I watched it the second time round. I mean a lot of people say movies like the matrix make you question your existence but this movie does a far better job of that. It is so freaking clever how every tiny thing in this movie relates to something else. It also keeps you guessing right till the end so I'm not going to spoil it for you guys who haven't seen it :) Just watch it already!


Anyway It took me a while to figure out the ending and in fact I still occasionally think about it but most of the stuff is answered on the DVD and on a few websites (some of which come to really weird conclusions :D ) The DVD is definately worth buying.

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when ore people have watched we should put a spoilers section here as i could debate this film all day but i dont want 2 spoil it 4 any1.


when emsleys watched it i wil post my interpretation :)

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Ok i watched it last night, i thohgt i would end up going to sleep but it had keped me awake indeed it had :lol:


As for theorys about the ending......

Well every thing i think of has a flaw in the logic so i rekon im guesing wrong, i think i could tell you if you got the ending wrong...

Yet i am unable to comprehend it, time travel is hard subject :shock:

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you downloaded it off of kazaa, and it was even the correct one. It sucks when people rename files, i mean what fun do you get out of that?


You should use verifieds. That way you always know what you are getting is the real deal :lol:


But I agree. One guy had a fake of the Hulk and I asked him why and he said "so the n00bs increase my participation rating". That doesn't even make any sense! He could stick the real file in his share folder and his participation would go up just the same. Why use up valuable hard drive space of your own with fake crap instead of the real thing??? Some people are just strange... Maybe he worked for the RIAA :shock:

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Hey! MarkT hijacked my topic! (then again find one he hasn't! :wink: )


heres what i thougth it was about, i have only seen it once and havent read the time travel book on the web site cos i think it would spoil it for me anyway SPOILERS









Donnie has mental problems and has to take medication. His mental problems make him more open to things we cant see or interpret.


The plane crashes and Donnie was out he should have died then


(by the way did any1 else notice the wired swirlly bit in the middle of the jet engine? Could that b significant?)


life carries on for Donnie, frank visits him as he will die now in this future and can redeem himself and setting the time line right


frank prepares Donnie with clues on time travel


Donnie starts to see the tracks that life runs on (I thinks the blobs are just where people are going to go) this shows he is grasping the old woman’s concepts


At the end of the film everything has gone wrong because Donnie didn’t die and the only way every1 will survive is if Donnie dies as:


The meeting is never held about the burst water pipe and the book is never brought up which means the fear bloke never gets caught which means his mom never takes a quick flight home as the other woman goes with the dancers and will stay over night as she is not worried about donnie. Also he never meets his girl and doesn’t go to the old woman’s house, she and frank don’t die


Donnie does it for love


He knows the jet will come thru a time hole to kill him so he goes to bed a waits for it


This will repeat everything we have seen but with Donnie dead




PLs tell me what u think its aboout i love hearing diff views on the film :wink:

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I just hit a link on kazza verifieds for the Divx version...


I should be able to tell you what i think of it in about a week :wink:

<ight I suggest DC++ for movie downloads...


P.S... the ending = paradox, nothing more or less than that. If you liked that film try Punch Drunk Love and Adaptation.

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