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I need help understanding rom sets...


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I'm new to this and have seen MANY different "sets" of ROMs in the wild.


There are many web sites to get individual ROMs and a few ways to download "sets".


If someone can explain a few things I'd appreciate it as I cannot find any good info on them.


I see many like 103, 103u2, 106, 108, etc... I'm assuming these are progresssions and the u versions are updates... but I have noticed that 103 is 13gig while others are much smaller?

- what set do I start with and do I DL all the ones above it to get them all?


Is there a site that tracks the sets, the updates, and what is in them?


How do I know what sets are compatile with MAMEoX128 Plus! ?


... thanks!

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Always get the latest set, that is the one with the highest number. You don't need old sets as well.


Some places may have for example the entire mame 0.108 set, plus a small upgrade to get from 0.108 to 0.108u1. In that case, get both sets.


I'm not sure about a site that tracks these things, maybe have a look at maws or caeser.


Mameox roms would be very similar to mame roms, but not exactly the same.

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