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PSPVBA 1.2.4 released


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GBA emulator for PSP


PSPVBA: GameBoy Advance Emulator for PSP v1.2.4


Hi All,


Here is a new version of PSPVBA the GameBoy Advance Emulator for PSP,

which is a bit faster compared to v1.2.3 (up to 3% on v-rally 3) !


* This version works for FW 1.5 AND 2.x  *


What's new in version 1.2.4 :


- Improve the code of the graphic stuff (up to 3% faster)

- Improve the code of the ARM emulator (faster)

- Add BIOS file support (see the README)

- Add option to adjust the sound quality

- Add option to delete files (in the file selector)

- Bug fix in the save settings code

- Merge the code for 1.5FW and 2.xFW

>> Get it HERE.

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