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RMESS 105.1 released

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Time for my second release of RMESS !!


This time I've been working on getting the Radio Shack TRS-80 emulation working. Here is the changelog:


* The executables are now called rmess.exe and rmessgui.exe


* Fix the TRS-80 which was broken in MESS 0.105

- Fix the black screen problem

- Hook up the Disk System dipswitch so if it is turned off, the system becomes a cassette system and boots up

- Fix the I/O ports - they were non-operational

- Fix the 32 character mode to work like real hardware

- Change the way the 7-bit dipswitch works (must be set to 7-bit for systems using Level II Basic)

- Added Model III and Model 4 clones - they will run but much more work is needed

- The rom trs80.z33 was discovered to be a hack - replaced with the correct one.

- added some documentation

>> Get it HERE.


Remember, to get the TRS-80 emulation to work, you must switch off the disk system by using the dipswitch menu.

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