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NeoGeo CD on xbox: is ti possible?


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Hi,I downaloded NEOCDSDLx 1.1 for xbox, but in the readme file it is writtten:





- Only reads real NeoGeo CD's

- Full CDDA audio

- Sound support

- 1/2 Player Support

- AdvanceMame2x, Simple2x, SuperSai2x, SuperEagle, Scanline Filters

- Region Selection

- Memory Card support

- Source code released


and also:


This program requires a system rom (bios) from the original Neogeo CD console to function. This code is copyrighted and therefore you are not entitled to a

copy unless you own an original Neogeo CD console.

Do not enquire where to find this file. Suffice to say that it should be called

neocd.bin and should be 512kb in size. Only original ISO9660 format neogeo cd's are able to be used.


Is it true?Is it impossible to play iso+mp3 file of NeoGeoCd games on HD of xbox? And it also impossible to play not original games on cd (for example,I have neogeo Cd games on iso+mp3 format. If I burn those games on cd,can I play them?)


Please,can anyone help me?How can I play those games?


Thank you very much :)

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Another version was release by Gogoackman which allows iso + mp3s from the harddrive.



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Thraxen gave you the clues.


Search for what he said in Google. Go to the first find. They have a link to the official site. Download it from there. I did (just to prove it is downloadable). Took all of a minute.

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It works!!

Thank you very much!

Iron Clad works perfectly.Now I will try Crossed Swors 2.

Are there any others exclusive games for NEo Geo Cd?


Thank you!



Not many, but there are these:


ADK World / ADK Special

King of Fighters '96 Collection

Neo Geo CD Special

Samurai Shodown RPG



Samurai Shodown RPG is the only game out of that list thats really worth anything. The others are basically just promotional or demo discs. But the problem with SS RPG is that it's all in Japanese.


These two games:


Mahjong Final Romance 2



...were also officially exclusive to the NeoGeo CD system, but there are actually ROMS for both that you can play in FBAXXX Pro (fr2ch & zintrckb). I think they were dumped from prototype carts... either that or someone converted the CD games... I'm not sure, someone else will likely know the story behind those two.


So, IMO, you already have the two games that are truly exclusive and worth having. Samurai Shodown RPG is also supposed to be a very good game, but unless you can read Japanese you may not get too much out it.

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