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weird gfx prob with my 6800u

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well i'm not much into pc gaming but lately i thought i'd try battlefield 2 and f.e.a.r. and both installed fine (demo) and start out fine but then when i start moving certain parts of the game's gfx spikeout and stay that way :) like for example in the battelfield 2 demo, when the tank starts rolling by me its barrel turns into a large spike across the screen.


this also happend when i tried a game called jacked inwhich certain parts of the track would be spikes at curves to the point that i can't see whats coming thus ruining the game :(


i'm running the latest drivers from nvidia and its the same one from the card maker (evga).


another side note leading to another issue but i think its due to a faulty mouse i'm using (once in a while the arrow would go to the corner of the screen out of the blue) while getting into any of the games i mentioned, there will be a moment the game freezes for a minute and then resume like normal :P


any ideas of what could be causing this and a way to fix it?

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Sounds like a driver issue...


Speaking about weird game behavior, in games like Total Overdose and GUN, the speech and animation desync in cutscenes. Not by much, but enough to be very noticeable. It doesn't happen in every game (F.E.A.R. and a few other I've tried). and only seems to affect cutscenes and not the actual gameplay.

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Mostly like caused by Driver issues, to a clean reinstall of it and it should appear fine.


Overclocking a card causes a different amount of problems, mostly graphical glitchs to the extreme.


Also, BF2 requires alot of CPU and Video card usuage. One thing that happened to me while playing BF2 was my 9800 Pro overheated while I was playing. Thanks to drivers, it didn't end up becoming hell. Simplee 15 minute wait time and everything was back to normal.

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well i tried the same driver from both nvidia and evga both gave me the same result then i went back one and the spike was still there but thinner.


i thought it might've been the directx9 and used a uninstaller that puts it back to the old 8.1 but it won't let me upgrade as it acts like its already there tho running dxdiag says its running 8.1 :P


i'm pretty much gonna do a fresh install of xp pro on my sata hdd and that should hopefully clear up things.

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