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1up Says their Preyers!


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It's 12 years in the making. Gone are the days that passed ROTT, Tom Hall, William Scarboro, Apogee, and the infamous Portal-TECH. The technologies it could of have been, that could of innovated FPS gaming as we know it. The house that Duke built could have, and would have, and almost did release.


It was the original Quake killer! Before Unreal. Before Half-Life. Before Duke Nukem Forever, there was Prey.


Black days of developers leaving the team too it's final viewing to the general public at E3 1998. 1up.com takes a look at the evolution over it's 12 run from beginning to end. From it's first concepts too it's ill fate, and disbuted "Smoke & Mirrors" E3 1998 Demo.


Say your preyers, it's finally happened. Five Day5 of Prey.

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I like how even the dev's themselves know the joke and pretty much find the humor in it. How like Broussard said DNF will be released when pigs fly!

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