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Creat your own ?block!

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Enjoy our other block linups:


The "Classic" Brick - Comes in Bright Red, Dark Green, or Silvery White


The "Empty Block" - A prank you can play at your parties, "Who stole the mushroom?"


The "Flamethrower" Block, a little tricky to assemble, but lots of fun at Limbo games.


The "Seaweed" Block, accessorize your fish tank!


The "Mushroom" Block, looks like a mushroom, but is useful for clobbering people with.


The "Key" Block, it's more like a key than a block, watch out for those pesky Phantos!


The "Modern" Brick, Golden-colored shiny goodness, designed to break easier with less head damage. Also comes in Iceblock-kicking form.


The "Microgoomba" Brick, a Golden brick with a cute little Microgoomba inside, be careful, they're sticky!


The "Wood" Block, has a sideways bounce to it, goes good with hardwood furniture! Can be accessorized with a Chain-Chomp!


The "Note" Block, bouncy, rubbery, and perfect accessory for every musician. Pink ones take you to Coin Heaven! Also doubles as an Eraser.


The "Thwomp" Block, Perfect for the Gothic Anarchist's room. Watch the spikes though.


The "Stretch" Block, ideal for those Haunted Halloween Holidays...watch out for the ghost!


The "Rotodisc" Block, Perfect for disco-parties and late-night raves! Can either have one or two spinning discs!


The "Fortress" Block, no block has ever been so strong! Perfect for those dark and dreary dungeons you call home.


The "Cannon" Block, Having trouble with the neighbors? This block fires off a special Bullet Bill just for your random destructive pleasure.


The "!" Block-- Make yourself be noticed by this great block, might contain a powerup inside!


The "On/Off Switch" Block, want to snazz up your electrical network? Try one of these...also comes in P-Block form.


The "Star" Block, comes in many colors and will suit all your celestial needs!


The "Flip" Block, ideal for those days when you just want to sit and spin!


The "Invisible" Block, transparent, but you can barely know it's there! Comes with a "!" Switch so that you can actually see it.


The "Donut" Block, need someone to drop you off? Now you can do it yourself!


The "Yoshi" Block, perfect for those days when you want to go prehistoric!


The "Pow" Block, want to make some noise, wanna raise the roof? Now you can!

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... All I can say is wow... :naughty:

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