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MAME32 Removes ALL 3rd Party Joystick Config's


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Gamecop, have you EVER priced out arcade parts? I own 3 of my own boards and have purchased plenty of sticks/buttons/switches. All high quality parts from HAPP and a few from X-Arcade, they are NOT expensive.

Theres a HUGE markup on these things, besides the housing for the actual components you can build a single player CP for under $15....guaranteed.


That is NOT the point though. They're publicly bitching and knocking MAME32 because they removed the configs. If what you say is true regarding customers coming from elsewhere, then why the crying/bitching fit? Customers know where to find them (X-Arcade) anyway.


Oh and as for the Controller Config in Windows, thats a hell of alot different than a 3rd party piece of software. We're talking an operating system here that is entirely responsible for handling the hardware interface. MAME isn't responsible for having the nessecary drivers installed for your controller to work, AND your controller will work in MAME without having these config files in the first place......


As for them paying for advertisement on websites, of course! Who doesn't aim their product at a target audience on websites? You can't tell me that what I said isn't true for many people. If it wasn't for seeing the configs in MAME32 way back when, I would never have gone looking for the products. Specialized configs in a piece of software, knowing "Hey this thing supports this product" is more of a draw than an ad on a website for just the hardware, ESPECIALLY if you've seen the ads on the websites.


The point in the end is that they are boycotting MAME32 because of this, in a very bitchy and rude manner. All of a sudden because of this MAME32 Plus! is much better and you should dump MAME32? Gee, we're not taking this personally, are we?

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