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Ds lib release?


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Well, first of all realize that at the moment, there is no "ds online", only some small features that able you to send and recieve files/messages with your DS.


What you need is a Nintendo DS, that is modded to work with homebrew code.

In order to do this, you will need a compatible WIFI-card for your pc or a PASSME (a chip that will able you to play homebrew code).

You need something to store the ("DS online") code, so you will need a modified GBA Movie Player + flashcard (a piece of hardware that ables you to play movies on your GBA, as well as run homebrew on your DS) or a flashcart (a gamecart similar to those of the GBA, only rewritable).


For "DS Online", though, you MUST have a wifi card that has a ralink rt2500 chip on it (correct me if I'm wrong).


Good luck!

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At present... homebrew stuff (dswifi lib) supports UDP/IP (yes, it does work over the internet) - which is the less most frequently used half of the set of internet protocols commonly known as TCP/IP. In order to use this you either need an Access Point, a Wireless router, or a Wifi card that supports a soft-ap mode. - you will also need a method of running homebrew, which inferno covered briefly, but this is not the place to be asking for how to run homebrew - other places will answer that question for you.


If (on the off chance) You're just talking about the Nintendo WFC (official internet play) - then you just need a router or AP or softAP - no need for anything else (besides of course the DS and the game to go with it)



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EDIT: I have just looked, and seen that I am two weeks late. Sorry, my laptop harddrive was bust. The information is still correct!


I'd like to help; but there is a very large amount of information to learn, and it takes time; experience is key. Once you learn something, tell others. It will help you remember. I will outline what I know - but I have one most important piece of guidance to give you: search. This means using Google or forum search functions. A good place to look for info is DSLinux.org (the wiki and forums there). Please don't post this question there though as the forums have become increasingly more crowded.


Firstly, you will need to use one of two methods to execute code on your DS. Each method needs some different hardware; and some common. The methods are called PassMe and WiFiMe. Through these, you can use FlashMe to flash the DS's firmware (the software that makes the DS work - load games, and whatever) so that you don't need the other two. You will need at least a screwdriver for this (and be prepared to void the DS warranty).


For WiFiMe, you will need a 802.11 card with an Ralink RT2560 chipset. If you have one, then you can go to this address http://www.aaronrogers.com/nintendods/wifime.php to find out what you need to do.


For PassMe, you will need to determine whether your DS has new firmware or old. To check if it has old: go to PictoChat room A with a DS card in and take your card out. If the screen goes yellow then you have old firmware, any other colour and you have the new. If you have new firmware, then you must get a PassMe2. If it's old, then you can get a PassMe 1. Go to http://www.dspassme.com/. A PassMe sends the Nintendo signed authentication code from a DS cartridge to the DS, and sets the ARM7 relocation code (or whatever) to a location on the GBA Flash Card (or GBA MP). A PassMe2 only works with one game, and the GBA Card needs to have SRAM (where games usually store saves). The GBAMP doesn't have SRAM.


For FlashMe, check out http://ds.gcdev.com/dsfirmware/.


For all methods, you will need a GBA Flash Card (search around) or a GBA Movie Player (a CompactFlash adapter for the GBA). There are many versions of both. The GBAMPv2 doesn't have SRAM, as I mentioned before.


I described above the methods for getting homebrew on your DS, nothing else. This forum is here for discussing the DSWiFi library (a library is a collection of software funtions for common use in applications) and library test program. The DSLinux.org forums are for discussing DSLinux (although many think otherwise). The dsdev.org forums are for discussing DS Development and all homebrew related matters. Google is for finding out everything. As I said, your questions will probably all have been asked before on at lest one of those forums. Don't ask again, please (this isn't a criticism of your ignorance, just my opinion on cluttered forums). If you ask a stupid question, you'll more than likely be flamed; which, as I found out when I was a noob, is not good. Just click "search".


I hope this information was helpful.

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