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I just read that some people might not be aware that there is a web based program that can help in the translation of sites. I am obviously an English speaker, so the link I can provide is only for non english to english.


The site is not 100% proof, but it can certainly aid in navigating all world wide sites.




If the link is not working let me know and I will give a redirect.

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heh babelfish rocks :)


It does tend to make you seem quite dumb though.


If you want a laugh, convert something english to japanese, then convert that back to english again.


eg I love emulforums. It is the greatest site on the internet and is the best place for me to download lots of crap.


becomes: I love the emulforums. That because of me it downloads many of the place and the crap whose Internet is largest is the best place


OR The sega Dreamcast is the best console in the world. If you don't know that already then I think you are either stupid or you need to go see the doctor.


becomes: The Sega Dreamcast is the console where the world is best. Then already, if as for me foolishness or you do not know thing you who are thought, or as for you you are necessary to go to for the doctor who meets.


:roll::P Oh man, it's my own personal engrish wizard. Weeeee

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Yeah it does have some 'minor' drawbacks. Conversing in grammatically complex languages is certainly one of them. French to Japanese works far better than English to Japanese.


My brother in Japan did mention why this was the case, but I have completely forgotten. Sorry chaps no engaging linguistic tale for you today.

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