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I keep hearing whisper's...


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I have cute setup already as I use it for uploadsand downloads. I also have got a few sites book marked.


ftp.bunglefever.com has a fantastic array of Mr Bungle music. what I mean by this post is, that the only ftp site Ihave found on the forum was in a diffrent folder. Whilst this is no bad thing, perhaps we could codify a list of ftp links in this folder.


I am only new around this forum however, so such a list may already exist. I just need directions.

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OK, now I see what you were trying to ask, and it's a pretty good question/idea.


I don't believe that there is a specific thread that was created, and updated with FTP links. I have also seen some FTP addresses posted in various threads here and there. Maybe someone with some spare time could put a sticky thread together on this subject. It would be fairly usefull. :roll:

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