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WWE Wrestling Is Bringing All The Oldies Back!


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In this past year the WWE or WWF (now WWE) has brought over 10 old / suspended / away wrestlers back!


- Kevin Nash a.k.a. Diesel

- Hulk Hogan

- Bill Goldberg

- Rowdy Roddy Piper

- Ric Flair

- Mean Gene Okerland (announcer)

- Shawn Michaels

- Stone Cold Steve Austin

- Scott Hall (later on got fired again)

- The Rock


The wrestlers that suppositely may come back too:


- Bret Hart

-"Macho Man" Randy Savage

- Sting

- Ultimate Warrior


So what do you think.. all you wrestling fans out there? :wink:

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also although she may not be a wrestler they brought Sable back as well, so if she can come back after sueing the company I think the WWE and Bret Hart can work out there differences

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vince is very desperate to get ratings back up he is bringing in everyone he can to get it that way they are even thinking of redoing the wcw vs wwf angle over if they get sting and luger i cant wait to see how it plays out !!(ps it was so kewl to see the rock get speared he is such a candy ass lol )

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