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Top five albums

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whats every one been listening to lately? i have been listening to a lot of ramones, cure and KISS. my top five albums would be (in no order)


1. Greenday-Dookie

2. GNR- Appitite for destruction

3. Jimmy eat world- clarity

4. Less than jake - boarders and boundries

5. Smashing Pumpkins - mellioncollie and the infinute sadness

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Ok m8.



2]Insane clown posse-The Wraith

3]Sum 41- Does this look infected

4]Murderdolls-Beyond the vally of the murderdolls

5]System oV aDoWn-Toxcicty


I would of put fozzy down but i cant managee to get there full album and bump it so.


Thats it. :wink:

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Lately I've been listening to Athlete, Ramones, Nick Drake, Velvet Underground, Suicide & Zwan.


My top 5 in no specific order would be:-


1) Jimi Hendrix - Are you Experienced?

2) Sonic Youth - Sister

3) Radiohead - The Bends

4) Nirvana - Bleach

5) Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin III

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James hates change. As such, I have been listening to the same five albums for the last 10 years:


1 - Danzig - Danzig


2 - Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime


3 - Lou Reed - New York


4 - Iron Maiden - Killers


5 - Megadeth - So far...So good...So what

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Its hard to tell as i get bored of stuff for age, them love it later on......


1)David Bowie - Scary Monsters


2)G'n'R - Appetite for Destruction


3)Prince - Purple Rain


4)Nirvana - Bleach


5)Blur - blur


Special mentions:


6)DuranDuran - Rio


7)David Bowie - most of his other albums


8)Nirvana - Hoarmoaning/Insesticide/Outsesticide I - III


9)Supergrass - I should Coco


10)Michael Jackson - Bad

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