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FileNames Is Now 10x Faster!

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With a lot of editing, I finally fixed FileNames after gawd knows how long.
What I did was make it so the soft only searches for only 50 Results Maximum. As we all know this is about 30 results more than FileMirrors. And it is a lot of results. Not only that, the results are now more precise and you can literally just type in the filename and get it fast and easy.

Some small bugs to know:

50 total results,
page 1 of 1,
showing results 1 through 1

You will always see that on the bottom of the page, no matter how many results it finds. However I am looking for a fix for this. The good thing is that it doesn't do anything to your search in any way! :D

I also [b]REMOVED[/b] the banner ads on the bottom of the page because they were causing some speed problems.

Lastly here are the [b]new[/b] results:

'Atari' : 9 Seconds
'Nintendo' : 11 Seconds
'Sega' : 21 Seconds

Cool eh? :lol: Enjoy! [url="http://filenames.tk"]http://filenames.tk[/url]

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Thats very Nice!!


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[quote]Thats very Nice!!


This is a very old post as well. Please read the topics above about FilesNames before you reply to this old one. How can it be nice as well, when filenames doesn't even work anymore? :twisted:

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