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  1. If you're looking to play homebrew stuff, the GBA Media Player should work for you. DSPassMe has a store where you can buy the necessary stuff. If you're trying to play "illegally" obtained games, I can't help with that. (Please support those of us who work hard to develop those games)
  2. DSEmu (Nintendo DS) has been updated. The current codebase has some sort of sound support as well as fixes some bugs. »» Homepage
  3. Nintendo has unveiled the new Wi-Fi USB connector that will allow DS owners who don't have a wireless router to take their handheld online. These screenshots were taken of the interface from Mario Kart DS & Animal Crossing DS demos at the recent Digital Life trade show. "You'll be able to construct a Friends list but there are no usernames or passwords involved. Instead, 12 digit numbers or "Friend Codes" will be used - swap your Friend Code with a mate and they'll be added to your list so you can play with them whenever. If you prefer, you can pick a random stranger who happens to be as wicked/rubbish at the game in question as you via Nintendo's skill-mapping servers." - EuroGamer.Net "HURRAH for the USB Connector and for HURRAH for online multiplayer Mario Kart DS! Roll on November!" - EuroGamer.Net »» All Screenshots »» Source
  4. DragonMinded has released a working beta of a text editor/viewer for the Nintendo DS. Here's what he has to say. »» Download Page »» Homepage
  5. Dunno how well-known but actually, GB/GBC/GBA/NDS/GCN coder
  6. Watashi wa... err I am BigRedPimp, one of the new portable gaming/emulation posters here at 1emu. Just figured I should jump on the bandwagon (since I was being asked anyway) to intro myself.
  7. The folks over at [AiboHack] have released a "trainer" of sorts for Nintendogs. You run this off a FlashMe/PassMe/WifiMe-enabled DS and edit the save of the game. It is verified (by myself) to not brick your DS. »» Homepage/Download »» Credit: Drunken Coders
  8. Let's not forget that Meetro is rumored to have a client in the works for the DS. When I asked one of the Meetro devs, he said they are "evaluating the tech". Take that with a particle of a grain of salt.
  9. Let's not forget the obvious... -> A direct means of tunnelling NiFi games over the Internet. That doesn't mean it can't be done, just don't expect it to work OOB (out of box). I've been asked this way too many times and felt it'd be a worthy addition.
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