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Kof2k2 Help


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Hi all


I recently downloaded a kof2k2 rom from ****** (was about 92megs i think).


I am currently trying it out on MAME32plus 0.98 and I had a problem with the 265-m1_decrypted.bin file( said I didn't have it), but overcame that by renaming 265-m1d.bin into the above.


I can now run the game on the emulator, but I cannot insert any coins!

I can watch the opening but can't play the actual game itself.

I checked 'audit' under the game, and this is what it said-


kof2002 : sp-s2.sp1 131072 bytes INCORRECT CHECKSUM:

EXPECTED: CRC(9036d879) SHA1(4f5ed7105b7128794654ce82b51723e16e389543)

FOUND: CRC(698ebb7d)

kof2002 : 265-m1_decrypted.bin 131072 bytes INCORRECT CHECKSUM:

EXPECTED: CRC(1c661a4b) SHA1(4e5aa862a0a182a806d538996ddc68d9f2dffaf7)

FOUND: CRC(ab9d360e)


I am guessing I need those two files to run the game properly.

Can you please help?


Oh yeh, one more thing. I noticed Kof2k2 roms are only about 40megs. Why is the one I have twice that? Does it have anything to do with encryped and decrypted set? and what is the difference between them? Thanks alot guys.

Mod's edit: Please do not mention romsites by name.

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the bigger archives are bigger because the rom files are encrypted therefore harder to compress...anyway here's the driver from the mame source (and yes, it has been officially added to mame since January)


ROM_START( kof2002 ) /* Encrypted Set */
ROM_REGION( 0x500000, REGION_CPU1, 0 )
ROM_LOAD16_WORD_SWAP( "265-p1.bin", 0x000000, 0x100000, CRC(9ede7323) SHA1(ad9d45498777fda9fa58e75781f48e09aee705a6) )
ROM_LOAD16_WORD_SWAP( "265-p2.bin", 0x100000, 0x400000, CRC(327266b8) SHA1(98f445cc0a94f8744d74bca71cb420277622b034) )

/* The Encrypted Boards do _not_ have an s1 rom, data for it comes from the Cx ROMs */
ROM_REGION( 0x20000, REGION_GFX1, 0 )
ROM_FILL( 0x000000, 0x20000, 0 )
ROM_REGION( 0x20000, REGION_GFX2, 0 )
ROM_LOAD( "sfix.sfx", 0x000000, 0x20000, CRC(354029fc) SHA1(4ae4bf23b4c2acff875775d4cbff5583893ce2a1) )

ROM_REGION( 0x20000, REGION_USER4, 0 )
/* Encrypted, we load it here for reference and replace with decrypted ROM */
ROM_LOAD( "265-m1.bin", 0x00000, 0x20000, CRC(85aaa632) SHA1(744fba4ca3bc3a5873838af886efb97a8a316104) )
/* Decrypted */
NEO_BIOS_SOUND_128K( "265-m1_decrypted.bin", CRC(1c661a4b) SHA1(4e5aa862a0a182a806d538996ddc68d9f2dffaf7) )

/* Encrypted */
ROM_LOAD( "265-v1.bin", 0x000000, 0x800000, CRC(15e8f3f5) SHA1(7c9e6426b9fa6db0158baa17a6485ffce057d889) )
ROM_LOAD( "265-v2.bin", 0x800000, 0x800000, CRC(da41d6f9) SHA1(a43021f1e58947dcbe3c8ca5283b20b649f0409d) )


ROM_REGION( 0x4000000, REGION_GFX3, 0 )
/* Encrypted */
ROM_LOAD16_BYTE( "265-c1.bin", 0x0000000, 0x800000, CRC(2b65a656) SHA1(9c46d8cf5b1ef322db442ac6a9b9406ab49206c5) ) /* Plane 0,1 */
ROM_LOAD16_BYTE( "265-c2.bin", 0x0000001, 0x800000, CRC(adf18983) SHA1(150cd4a5e51e9df88688469d2ea7675c2cf3658a) ) /* Plane 2,3 */
ROM_LOAD16_BYTE( "265-c3.bin", 0x1000000, 0x800000, CRC(875e9fd7) SHA1(28f52d56192d48bbc5dc3c97abf456bd34a58cbd) ) /* Plane 0,1 */
ROM_LOAD16_BYTE( "265-c4.bin", 0x1000001, 0x800000, CRC(2da13947) SHA1(f8d79ec2c236aa3d3648a4f715676899602122c1) ) /* Plane 2,3 */
ROM_LOAD16_BYTE( "265-c5.bin", 0x2000000, 0x800000, CRC(61bd165d) SHA1(b3424db84bc683d858fb635bc42728f9cdd89caf) ) /* Plane 0,1 */
ROM_LOAD16_BYTE( "265-c6.bin", 0x2000001, 0x800000, CRC(03fdd1eb) SHA1(6155c7e802062f4eafa27e414c4e73ee59b868bf) ) /* Plane 2,3 */
ROM_LOAD16_BYTE( "265-c7.bin", 0x3000000, 0x800000, CRC(1a2749d8) SHA1(af7d9ec1d576209826fa568f676bbff92f6d6ddd) ) /* Plane 0,1 */
ROM_LOAD16_BYTE( "265-c8.bin", 0x3000001, 0x800000, CRC(ab0bb549) SHA1(d23afb60b7f831f7d4a98ad3c4a00ee19877a1ce) ) /* Plane 2,3 */


btw, no rom requests


[edit]re-read; you need to update your BIOS!

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SO...What do I do with all this?


I checked the romset with romcenter. It seems what I really need is

the latest Neogeo bios from MAME. Just like you said.

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