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DOA 4 To Launch with 360 In Japan


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Tecmo has announced at the Tokyo Game Show that Dead or Alive 4 will arrive in Japanese stores with the launch of the Xbox 360 on December 10.


This dispels any rumors that the next game in Team Ninja’s Xbox-moving series will be released sometime after launch, but still within the loosely-defined launch window that still troubles some first-generation titles for the 360.


Whether this translates into a perfectly timed Western release with the 360 hardware or not has unfortunately not been confirmed. That, of course, hasn’t stopped most retailers from posting their best guesses as to when the game will be released online. Considering the increased sales numbers that should result from having such a beautiful title available at launch (see Dead or Alive 3 for the original Xbox), we expect DOA4 to be on U.S. store shelves bright and early come November 22.

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:banghead: will it come with a life sized pillow of any of the female characters? idk, just think that'd be funny cause I heard that over there they came out with a Kasumi one


Somebody tell me he is joking :(

picture 1


picture 2


I wish I was joking :(

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I'd buy one of those in an instant. I've always wanted a huggy pillow.




I had a chance 2 years ago to own one of those because I wanted a Kasumi Blue Xbox, but they were all sold out :banghead:

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